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      ANSONART INTERNATIONAL BUILDING MATERIALS CO., LTD dedicates itself to the R&D, production and international sale of laminates. The Company creates Ansonart( a decorative high-pressure fire-resistant laminate) as one of its high -end brands. This laminate brand has been successfully applied to a wide range of  prestigious international hotels, including Marriott, InterContinental, Wyndham and Hilton, while earning the support and trust from internationally  famous enterprises.

Sales Team
The ultimate goal of the Company is to meet market demands. To this end, our sales team focuses  strongly on understanding, satisfying and serving customers, which paves a solid ground for the corporate sustainable growth.

Design Team
Enthusiastic about the products and the industry, Our design and R&D teams from europe and North America have been tirelessly designing,  with their extensive experience and sharp insight into market, new products and experimenting with new colors,  to continuously enhance the quality of our products.

Production Capacity.
We have a huge production capacity and a diversity of auxiliary production tools so that we are capable of delivering high-quality products of each kind and meeting the delivery deadlines. In  addition, the ready availability of various dimensions help us meet various demands of customers.

To meet customer demands in each sales region, we offer supporting  products that are custom-made to address unconventional demands of customers for texture, surface, dimensions, etc.

Quality &price.
We are dedicated to delivering the products of  improved quality of relatively low prices.  However, the low price you enjoy does not mean that we allow the  products to deteriorate in quality.

To improve the appropriateness of supporting materials for furniture, we  offer a diversity of options for customers to choose from, including the melamine and PVC edgings that are consistent with fire -resistant laminates in color.


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